14 tips to building your personal brand with LinkedIn

A brand is essentially a promise of an experience, and we typically think of branding as it pertains to companies or their products and services. However, you yourself are also a brand, and there is a growing need to manage your personal brand—because it will develop on its own if you don’t. And as […]

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Finding your golden hours

One very important aspect of breaking your paycheck addiction is using your time wisely. We’ve published a number of articles here at Paycheckaholics Anonymous about ways to waste less time, but perhaps you really don’t waste much time and yet still find it difficult to get everything done. So how can you employ your […]

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Start a business for $100

When Michael Hanna was unexpectedly fired from his 25-year corporate sales career, he didn’t know what to do. While he collected unemployment checks and battled other applicants, his job prospects were bleak. Michael’s only options seemed either to be unemployed or underemployed.

So when a friend who owned a furniture store offered to give him […]

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Creating leverage with the Cashflow Quadrant

Author Robert Kiyosaki has written extensively about The Cashflow Quadrant—the four ways to earn income. Typically, people who are able to move from one quadrant to the next are able to earn more income and experience more freedom. Very simply, the Cashflow Quadrant describes the benefits and pitfalls of each of these four ways […]

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