Connecting Black Friday and paycheckaholism

Why are paycheckaholics addicted to Black Friday as well as their paychecks? In our materialistic culture of greed and excess, the two fit hand in hand.

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How to get lucky in The Millionaire Fastlane

And the winning lottery ticket number is… eight, three, five, two, seven….


7… 7… 7 — jackpot!

Yes, riches can come in an instant. A few lucky individuals hold the winning lottery tickets to capture the mega millions or manage to pull the lever at just the right time to hit the big jackpot. These rare […]

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10 tips for a healthy lunch

Whether you’re working a paycheckaholic-type job or starting your own business, you need to be at your best throughout the day. The lunchtime break is a critical time to nourish your body with a healthy lunch and nurture your mental and emotional well-being. What you eat plays a critical role in your brain function […]

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A dragon named Failure

We’re all familiar with the knight-in-shining-armor storyline: the hero slays the dragon to rescue the beautiful princess locked away in the highest tower. This is analogous to the obstacles we face in our everyday lives. You’re the knight, whether you’re a man or a woman. Your dragon is your fear of failure, and your […]

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Are you limited by all-or-nothing thinking?

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, awareness is the first step towards any kind of change in behavior or thinking. One of the most significant advances in my own development has been an increased awareness of my tendency to “all-or-nothing” thinking.  It seems to me that nearly every week, my therapist is pointing out […]

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