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As a 20-year veteran of a single organization, Katharine can certainly classify herself as a paycheckaholic. She is excited about sharing the journey with others who want to free themselves from a paycheck addiction. She lives in Washington, DC.

Five health risks of white-collar employment

While construction workers or forklift operators may face safety concerns at work, people in those roles may be better positioned for better overall health than white-collar workers. Working at a desk job year after year can take a toll on your health in a number of ways. Here are five of them.

Sitting all day […]

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Think cash flow, not salary

Acquire assets with positive cash flow and quit trading hours for dollars

If you suffer from the employee mindset–and most people do–you are substantially limiting your potential. Shifting to a  business owner’s mindset, however, can unleash your earning potential.

Look at it this way: as an employee, you work for the income directly derived from providing […]

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Movies: Hollywood’s legacy of wasted time

Watching movies can rapidly eat up your free time. Tinseltown is great at enticing millions to watch the latest Batman or 007. It’s okay to watch a movie every now and then, as long as you’re intentionally using that as your downtime for relaxation and enjoyment. Just don’t overdo it. (And it will be […]

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