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How to evaluate opportunities

Every day presents new opportunities of all kinds. Some opportunities are big while others small, but for each, the same question must be answered: should I act or pass on this opportunity? Sometimes, this can be a difficult choice to make, while at other times the choice is clear. Having a simple system in […]

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Confronting loneliness as an entrepreneur

Once during a very candid discussion about the future of our business and partnership, I explained to a former business partner how I felt like I couldn’t connect on a personal level very well with him and felt relationally undervalued. I was putting in 80 to 100 hours per week to build the company—blood, […]

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Get $3,000 in 10 minutes. Here’s how.

Reading this article could be worth $3,000 dollars to you. A small, one-time change could add $250 to your monthly expendable income for the next year. But there is a catch: you’ll have to give up your annual tax refund.

You see, about 80% of Americans receive a federal tax refund, and the average refund […]

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Daylight Slaving Time

Daylight Saving Time, though it may seem a minor annoyance, has often-overlooked effects on your freedom and even your health and safety, and that irritation should raise larger questions about who is in control of your life.

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What’s in the way often IS the way

Paycheckaholics Anonymous isn’t my first foray into entrepreneurship. A couple of years ago, I started another venture. I encountered many obstacles to its launch, but I also learned some valuable lessons along the way.

At the time, I was traveling frequently. I found myself completely frustrated by the lack of interesting dining options at airports […]

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The five strengths you didn’t know you had

Several years ago, a trusted colleague in my company’s HR department introduced me to the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. This tool has provided me with significant insight into the unique value that I bring—to my employer, to my friendships, or to any endeavor.

As you consider ways to reduce your dependence on your regular paycheck and […]

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Maximize your job through networking

The relationships you develop in your workplace can readily and organically lead to consulting and freelance work. Done well, a job can be an effective, if slow, method of building new client relationships in your own business. In this way, you can maximize your job.

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How to get lucky in The Millionaire Fastlane

And the winning lottery ticket number is… eight, three, five, two, seven….


7… 7… 7 — jackpot!

Yes, riches can come in an instant. A few lucky individuals hold the winning lottery tickets to capture the mega millions or manage to pull the lever at just the right time to hit the big jackpot. These rare […]

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A dragon named Failure

We’re all familiar with the knight-in-shining-armor storyline: the hero slays the dragon to rescue the beautiful princess locked away in the highest tower. This is analogous to the obstacles we face in our everyday lives. You’re the knight, whether you’re a man or a woman. Your dragon is your fear of failure, and your […]

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Are you limited by all-or-nothing thinking?

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, awareness is the first step towards any kind of change in behavior or thinking. One of the most significant advances in my own development has been an increased awareness of my tendency to “all-or-nothing” thinking.  It seems to me that nearly every week, my therapist is pointing out […]

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