Watching movies can rapidly eat up your free time. Tinseltown is great at enticing millions to watch the latest Batman or 007. It’s okay to watch a movie every now and then, as long as you’re intentionally using that as your downtime for relaxation and enjoyment. Just don’t overdo it. (And it will be easier not to overdo it if you have ridded yourself of your TV.)

How often do you watch movie all the way through, even when you know 20 minutes into it that it is going to be a total dud? There goes your afternoon or your evening. Don’t do that! Even if it’s a good movie, it is still unlikely to help you towards achieving your goals.

But you can still maximize your movie-watching time. While you’re watching, look for life truths that you can apply to help yourself develop. Write about what you learned. Blog about it. Post it to Facebook. Share an observation or encouragement that can help someone else. Flex your idea muscle.

Watch movies sparingly and intentionally, and always be on the lookout for a nugget or two that can add value to your life.

Image credit: Andrei Zmievski