Get $3,000 in 10 minutes. Here’s how.

Reading this article could be worth $3,000 dollars to you. A small, one-time change could add $250 to your monthly expendable income for the next year. But there is a catch: you’ll have to give up your annual tax refund.

You see, about 80% of Americans receive a federal tax refund, and the average refund […]

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What is a paycheckaholic?

From the time we’re children, we’re taught to go to school, get good grades, get a good job with good benefits, and retire in 40 years with a gold watch and a pension. There may have been a time when that plan actually worked, but those days are long gone. Times have changed, and […]

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Think cash flow, not salary

Acquire assets with positive cash flow and quit trading hours for dollars

If you suffer from the employee mindset–and most people do–you are substantially limiting your potential. Shifting to a  business owner’s mindset, however, can unleash your earning potential.

Look at it this way: as an employee, you work for the income directly derived from providing […]

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