Daylight Slaving Time

Daylight Saving Time, though it may seem a minor annoyance, has often-overlooked effects on your freedom and even your health and safety, and that irritation should raise larger questions about who is in control of your life.

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Movies: Hollywood’s legacy of wasted time

Watching movies can rapidly eat up your free time. Tinseltown is great at enticing millions to watch the latest Batman or 007. It’s okay to watch a movie every now and then, as long as you’re intentionally using that as your downtime for relaxation and enjoyment. Just don’t overdo it. (And it will be […]

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TV: A waste of time in living color

The average American spends 4-5 hours per day watching TV, and, statistically, that time increases as we age. TV programs are engineered to be addictive and maximize advertisers’ and networks’ profitability—but not your productivity.

Not only is most programming itself devoid of valuable content, but the commercials are also designed to lure you into to […]

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