Break your paycheck addiction. Become financially independent.

We’re not gonna hold any punches. This blog is about getting real—really real—about the perilous situation you’re in. Between inflation from the global central bankers’ failed fiat currency experiment, overbearing middle-class tax laws, and the whim of your employer to terminate your “at will” employment at any time they so choose, you have little monetary recourse than to run on that hamster wheel faster and faster in the rat race of employee life.

Diversify your income streams and break free from the bondage of corporate enslavement.

If you do what you’ve been doing the last five years, you’ll get what you’ve been getting the next five years. If you’re lucky. In this economy, even treading water isn’t exactly guaranteed. That you’re entirely dependent on someone else to support yourself and your loved ones—addicted to a paycheck—has utterly compromised your financial sovereignty as an individual.

If you’re one of the millions of would-be entrepreneurs who are employed full time and addicted to a regular paycheck, but you want to diversify your income streams and break free from the bondage of corporate enslavement, then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to admit that you have a problem—and do something about it. Paycheckaholics Anonymous exists to help you start your own business to break your paycheck addiction and get out of the rat race.