About Jon Bourne

An entrepreneur and investor for over a decade, Jon is a recovering paycheckaholic who enjoys the risk and rewards of owning his own business. Having formerly been involved in several marketing and design startups, he is currently "between businesses" working full time running marketing for a $6 billion privately held energy company. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and five children.

Developing visionary discipline

Achieving anything worthwhile requires some measure of discipline, but most of us don’t innately possess the self-discipline necessary to achieve everything that we want out of life. So, how can we be more disciplined? Well, it begins with vision.

Disciplined actions, which are the outward, observable actions we sometimes mistake for discipline itself, result from […]

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Education inflation

Have you noticed that nowadays, most entry-level jobs require, or at least prefer, a bachelor’s degree? And many times, job requisitions will state that the employer prefers a master’s degree, even for middle management roles. It’s a societal expectation that has grown and become unmanageable.

But is going to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree–or […]

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Cashflow 101: Business, investing lessons made fun

If you want to acquire wealth, you must change the way you think about money. In school, you probably didn’t learn how money works. You probably didn’t get a sound financial education. Even those whose full-time profession is in some area of finance often miss the most basic concepts of money that could be […]

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TV: A waste of time in living color

The average American spends 4-5 hours per day watching TV, and, statistically, that time increases as we age. TV programs are engineered to be addictive and maximize advertisers’ and networks’ profitability—but not your productivity.

Not only is most programming itself devoid of valuable content, but the commercials are also designed to lure you into to […]

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