Maximize your job through networking

The relationships you develop in your workplace can readily and organically lead to consulting and freelance work. Done well, a job can be an effective, if slow, method of building new client relationships in your own business. In this way, you can maximize your job.

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A dragon named Failure

We’re all familiar with the knight-in-shining-armor storyline: the hero slays the dragon to rescue the beautiful princess locked away in the highest tower. This is analogous to the obstacles we face in our everyday lives. You’re the knight, whether you’re a man or a woman. Your dragon is your fear of failure, and your […]

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Start a business for $100

When Michael Hanna was unexpectedly fired from his 25-year corporate sales career, he didn’t know what to do. While he collected unemployment checks and battled other applicants, his job prospects were bleak. Michael’s only options seemed either to be unemployed or underemployed.

So when a friend who owned a furniture store offered to give him […]

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Creating leverage with the Cashflow Quadrant

Author Robert Kiyosaki has written extensively about The Cashflow Quadrant—the four ways to earn income. Typically, people who are able to move from one quadrant to the next are able to earn more income and experience more freedom. Very simply, the Cashflow Quadrant describes the benefits and pitfalls of each of these four ways […]

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Cashflow 101: Business, investing lessons made fun

If you want to acquire wealth, you must change the way you think about money. In school, you probably didn’t learn how money works. You probably didn’t get a sound financial education. Even those whose full-time profession is in some area of finance often miss the most basic concepts of money that could be […]

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